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Safety Joggers
Redback Safety Boots
The safety footwear market has seen a massive increase in the popularity and acceptability of safety runners recently, we highlite some of the range we have to offer here. With TPU soles the Redback range of Safety Footwear is now exported to over 20 countries around the world. The Australian Outback inspired footwear featurers premium full grain leathers and state of the art technology.
Pull On Elastic Side Boots
Oliver Safety Boots
Our biggest selling safety boot is the Redback pull on, showing this style of safety boots are as popular as ever. With a range including Oliver Sports, Oliver AT's, Oliver Hytest, and Oliver Softrac, there should be a boot for everyone amonst this selection.
High Lace Up Safety Boots
Blundstone Safety Boots
Some environments insist on ankle high safety boots, especially when working on uneven surfaces. Mining is a obvious example. Riggers boots, the Oliver All terrains and Blundstone xfoot feature in this section. Since 1870 Blundstone footwear have made the toughest no nonsense footwear for one of the world's toughest climates. In this section are some of the Steel Toe Blundstone Boots & Shoes.
Womens Safety Footwear
SteelBlue Safety Boots
This section includes the latest styles from Blundstone, some of the more popular ladies safety runners and more formal ladies safety shoes. When Steel Blue™ entered the Australian market in 1995 they quickly set the benchmark for safety footwear comfort. Over the past decade, Steel Blue has steadily built a solid reputation with the company’s aim to make the world’s most comfortable safety boot.
Dress Safety Shoes
Bata Safety Boots
A collection of safety shoes you could wear with a suit. With styles including Bata Industrials , the Bata Sports Mates Safety Joggers, the Bata Work Mates, Traxx and the Bata Spirit Range of Safety Footwear
Steel Toe Gum Boots
Yakka Safety Boots
Waterproof safety footwear including general purpose, steel midsole, white gum boots and gum boots for working with chemicals. This section includes some of the latest designs from Hard Yakka Footwear including Safety Runners, and Non Metalic Safety Toe Caps.
Welders / Temperature Resistant Safety Boots
Rossi safety boots
Most safety boots use soles that offer upto 130 degrees c heat resistancy, for welders and high temperature environements the boots in this section boots can offer more. The hugely diverse Australian climate and landscape requires comfortable, quality products with outstanding durability. Australia has come to depend on Rossi for " comfort for the long run", and you can too
Anti-Static Safety Boots
Mongrel Safety Boots
Featuring boots / shoes / runners that disperse static electricity. ESD footwear give the greatest level of protection against static electricity build up and we recomend these when its mission cricital. At Victor Footwear they have been making boots in Australia for Australian workers since 1930. The new manufacturing facility in Sydney now manufactures work boots that represent the latest in technological advances in our industry.
Airport Friendly Composite Safety Boots CAT safety boots
Demand has increased recently for safety boots suitable for security / airport environments. Metal free safety boots can pass through metal detectors, composite toe caps are also lighter weight than steel, adding to there appeal. Cat footwear is the line of defence between your feet and a daily pounding on dirt and pavement. Overbuilt design pushes CAT shoes & boots to defy the elements, defining uncompromising strength and durability.
Boot Laces, Talc & Accessories JBs safety boots
Featuring Pedoz foot talc, shoe and boot laces, innersoles and boot covers A newcomer to the safety footwear market, with a range that adds excellent value for money. New additions to the range include a safety runner.


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